Welcome to EducandoTeya, our aim is to make education available throughout Cost Rica using modern technology including tablets and mobile phones

About Us

The Educating Children Foundation has been formed and is operated in Costa Rica by John Hawker, an Englishman who has been living in San Jose, Costa Rica since 2002. John grew up in Cornwall, England and when he was a child experienced the great difficulties of growing up in very poor circumstances. Due however to the financial sacrifice of his mother Gladys he was able to receive an excellent education.

"The greatest gift that you can give to any young person and especially a young person living in poverty is a good education."

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an online virtual classroom that will be available throughout Costa Rica and elsewhere so that poor people can access education 24 hours a day from wherever they are.

Our Education Program

Our program aims to give an education to young people that have abandoned the school system. Without an education these young people are destined for a life of poverty. We want to give these people a chance for a future and to escape this poverty. 

Our Current Program

At present the program is classroom based with a teacher in attendance, student learn on tablets and computers.

We give 2 hours of lessons each week in 6 different subjects. These subjects are Science, Maths, English, Spanish, Social Studies and Geography giving a total of 12 hours per week per student. Each course lasts 16 weeks.

At the end of the 16 weeks the student can take an exam approved by the Ministry of Education in Costa Rica and therefore in 18 months they can complete the first 3 years of secondary education up to 9th grade. Obtaining the 9th grade is very important as it means that they can go on to further education and possibly University.

The Future Program

We are currently moving over to a system called blended learning where the teacher videos the class for the day including voice-overs, quizzes and practical excercises.

This video is then uploaded to our servers and the student can access the lessons via computer, tablet or mobile phone. The student can access the lessons wherever they are as long as they have an internet connection.

The student will be able to replay the complete lesson to revise any points he or she did not understand. Assistance will still be available from teachers when the student needs help.

By providing our lessons online and also by installing internet connections means that these people can access education from wherever they are...

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