Janna Dixon Photography

A Little Bit About Me...

Janna Dixon - Photographer in Auckland, New Zealand

I’m an outdoors kinda gal. Nature is my playground, in photography as in life. I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years, first earning my stripes in the UK press, before being whisked back to Auckland by a Kiwi on his OE - same old story, I know...!


Once here I joined a Sunday Newspaper as a Staff Photographer, and began my adventures into Wedding and Portrait Photography. Also, very proudly winning a couple of national Qantas Media Awards for my portrait and news images. Along the merry way, I married the Kiwi (well I’d come all this way, it would have been rude not to!). And now we have a gorgeous baby boy. Life, as you Kiwi’s say, is sweet.


A few things I love: Tea (I’m English, so did I really need to say that?). Natural light and a sense of the ridiculous. The written word and the silver screen. Our cat Mr. Macky (who rules the house with an iron paw) and good music – the louder the better! Red wine on a cold night or a nice, buttery Chardy on a sunny afternoon. All the better if enjoyed with family and friends.


Growing up, my Mum took all the family photos and is responsible for immortalising more than one bad haircut of mine (thanks Mum).


But she’s also responsible for my love of photography. The idea a moment in time can be frozen with that one simple click of the shutter.


People interacting, relationships as they truly exist. You and your loved ones as you’ll remember yourselves in years to come.


Because that’s the kind of pictures I like to take.


Personal approach & style...


I want my images to look relaxed, un-posed, timeless and stunning. Like a slice of your life. Just a really nicely composed one!


Photography is so personal – and it should be - that I prefer to tailor each shoot to my individual clients. I don’t use generic props; we’ll use things that mean something to you. I don’t base myself in an imposing studio – I’ll come to you. Because if you’re comfortable and at ease with your surroundings, it will always make for better photographs. So we’re both winners.


I like to work with my clients to understand what they want to achieve from the shoot. Then together we then plan the best environment to shoot in. My shoots are organic and fuelled by the personalities and goals of my clients, you.


Ultimately I want nothing more than this: for you to enjoy the experience. To have it truly reflect the people you are. And for you to love the art-pieces afterwards.


And maybe in the greater scheme of things, I want to provide evidence that love and life existed; and to capture the essence of a bond that’s shared.


To see more about how I work, please have a look at what we do on a shoot!.


My studio...


My favourite studio of all is the great outdoors! Mackerel skies, hayfields and sand dunes are my favourite backgrounds. Natural light is the real thing. I can emulate it when it’s not around, but when it is, there’s no substitute for its beauty. The clouds are the best soft box I could never buy and Mother Nature reigns supreme when it comes to mixing a mean palate of colour.


There is a big, beautiful world out there; I like to use it.


Saying that, a client’s needs, will always determine where we shoot and an indoor studio setup can easily be arranged upon asking. Also depending upon the nature of the shoot, the environment can vary. It might be in your own home for a Newborn baby shoot or in a romantic corn field at sunset - as you announce your engagement. It’s all do-able.


And if you have an idea that you think might be too much – please talk to me about it. I do love an exciting new challenge!


Last thoughts...


After 30+ years on Planet Earth, I’ve come to the conclusion that John Lennon was onto something: “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”


It’s too easy to miss celebrating the beautiful detail of each moment lived, because we’ve got bigger fish to fry. Jobs, bills, Coronation Street dramas... and then the moment’s passed, and it’s onto the next.


But should you want a hand stopping time for a bit and capturing some of your special brand of magic, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


And, if you do nothing else after reading this, please, take lots of photos of yourself and the people in your life. One day you’ll be glad that you did! x


“Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.” - Walter Hagen


Just so you know I’m authentic...


Educationally I am an NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) accredited Press Photographer and have a BA Hons degree in Media and Communication, specialising in Photography.


I’ve won two NZ Qantas Media Awards for: ‘Best Portrait Portfolio 2008’ and ‘Best Single Breaking News Picture 2007’.


Photos of me on this page by Chris Loufte.